Mr. Speaker, as Americans gathered around their Thanksgiving tables, joined hands with their families, and gave thanks for their blessings, a Texas Highway Patrol trooper was murdered. While returning to his patrol car during a routine traffic stop, Trooper Damon Allen was shot in the back by a dastardly criminal, the driver of that vehicle.

Trooper Allen was working alone, as most troopers in Texas do. The multiple shots killed Trooper Allen.

The crook had illegally procured a weapon in Trooper Allen’s homicide. The criminal, like most do, quickly fled the scene, leading Texas Rangers and other law enforcement on a chase across Texas, but he was finally apprehended.

Mr. Speaker, this wasn’t the first time that the criminal had targeted our men and women in uniform. A slew of previous convictions are on his rap sheet, including drug possession, evading arrest, and violence toward law enforcement.

The killer is now where he belongs: in the jailhouse. The bandit will face Texas justice.

Texas Department of Public Safety Officer Allen was a devoted husband, a father of three, and a 15-year member of Texas law enforcement. He served with courage, placing the badge—the star—over his heart and reporting for duty every day.

We pray for Trooper Allen and his family. Trooper Allen, like all peace officers, placed his life between us and the lawless. We should remember him and thank God that such men have lived.

And that is just the way it is.