Madam Speaker, with all the discussion about protecting our vulnerable borders from illegal intrusion by smugglers, criminals and fortune hunters, Homeland Security is missing the obvious.

   Legal ports of entry are as easy for illegals to cross as the remote areas of America's porous borders. Media sources report that the Government Accountability Office did a study that showed at least 10 percent of the illegals who try to unlawfully enter the U.S. at ports of entry are successful.

   These failures to detect include drug and weapons smugglers and one individual who had an incurable type of TB who was allowed to illegally enter the United States 76 times. Homeland Security doesn't argue with the results of the GAO but simply makes excuses.

   One solution, however, is to require all people entering the United States at ports of entry to have a valid passport where the U.S. can record who enters and who leaves our country. The 9/11 Commission recommended the passport, but politics and the governments of Mexico and Canada and the open borders crowd seem to keep this common sense idea from becoming a reality. The security of this Nation deserves better. We need to use passports.

   And that's just the way it is.