Mr. Speaker, the proposed budget is going to double the national debt. What that means to Joe Sixpack is every American will be responsible for $70,000 apiece to pay off this massive debt incurred by money-grabbing government. Does anyone know there's a recession going on?

Government cannot spend America into prosperity with somebody else's money. We shouldn't even be borrowing more money during these hard times. The Treasury Secretary says part of the reason government got into this economic mess was government borrowing. Also, government has plans to raise taxes on working citizens to pay for all these fancy projects in the budget.

Americans already pay too much in taxes during this recession. Americans don't want more taxes. Americans don't want to incur more debt. Americans don't want government to spend money it does not have.

Government is taking America's money to reward failure, and sending money to special interest groups.Meanwhile, Americans are losing their jobs. Americans are tired, weary, and mad about government ``ripoffs, payoffs, and layoffs.''

And that's just the way it is.