Mr. Speaker, as we begin the debate on Iraq today, I have received input from Brian in Humble, Texas. He says, ``I am a veteran of Vietnam. My father is a veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam. I have four brothers that are veterans, and my oldest son is serving his fourth tour of duty in Iraq. If winning in Iraq takes more resources, it is far better than the alternatives. You owe the young men and women, and yes, my son in harm's way, your total support.''

The cost of our security does not come without a price. The alternatives, the loss of American freedoms and security and leaving Iraq before our duty is done, is not the option. If more troops are needed, then it is our duty to supply them.

What message does this Nation send its heroes deep within the belly of combat to tell them no troops are coming to their aid? This leaves those left behind stranded without the resources in face of a deadly enemy.

Mr. Speaker, the words of this veteran, whose family holds a proud history of service to America, are wise words. This Nation owes its gratitude and support to its U.S. soldiers fighting to protect our interests. Otherwise, we will be judged to be the ungrateful Nation.

And that's just the way it is.