Madam Speaker, today I would like to remember the 155 men and women ripped from the ranks, gunned down, stabbed, ambushed, killed. Not soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan, but American peace officers fighting an insurgency on American streets.

We honor those who died and those who survive them. They drape their badges in the black cloth of sacrifice to respect their fellow warriors. They lay their friends to rest, but they still risk their own lives to protect and serve.

One of the 13 Texas officers murdered last year, Officer Hank Nava, Jr., of Fort Worth was savagely gunned down by an outlaw on parole who shot Officer Nava in the face.

Just days ago, Detective Vicky Armel of Fairfax County, Virginia, was ambushed by a street punk firing more than 70 rounds from an attack rifle.

We do not know the agony of these officers, but we know their indifference to danger. This Police Week we honor the honorable. We give our gratitude to police officers nationwide for their courage. We say thank you to those who turn toward turmoil so that we may turn toward safety.

And that's just the way it is.