Mr. Speaker, my office has been inundated by calls from citizens since the announcement that the Mexican government plans to sue the United States over our military troops along our border, hauled into court by the Fox south of the border.

Curtis Krueger of Kingwood, Texas, writes to me:

``Now I read that Mexico is considering suing the United States over border patrols. To not respond to this would be egregious. We as Americans have a sovereign right to have our borders protected by however and whomever we see fit. Our government should vocalize this in every way possible, not sit back and let someone else formulate public opinion. To say we cannot handle the immigrant insurgency in our country flies directly in the face of what we are doing in Iraq. If we are in Iraq to handle insurgents, why aren't we able to do so within our own borders. I, along with a vast majority of Americans, say to you and the government, `We want our country back.'''

America is now going to be sued in our courts by foreign nations for protecting our Nation.

Mr. Speaker, this ought not to be. We the people have become we the defendants. Mr. Krueger has got it right. Hopefully our government does.

And that's just the way it is.