Mr. Speaker, a young 8-year-old-girl in Florida is kidnapped, raped and buried alive under a large concrete slab - by an illegal.

A decorated Houston police officer is shot in the back four times and murdered - by an illegal.

A Texas State trooper was shot six times at point-blank range and left for dead at the side of the road - by an illegal.

``The Railroad Killer,'' a violent predator who terrorized, stalked, raped and murdered 12 victims along the Texas railroads, - an illegal. One study indicates that there are nearly 240,000 illegals who are sex offenders in the United States. They commit a total of one million crimes. These illegals create millions of victims who seek treatment and aid because they are victims.

The United States does a good job of taking care of crime victims. We have created crime compensation funds in States, programs that aid in the recovery and help with the cost of treatment, but the cost is paid by America.

Many victims are never compensated, however, and spend their life in pain and even in poverty. So why should not the country of the illegal pay for this crime as well? Countries who encourage the criminals to invade the United States should be held just as responsible as illegal perpetrators.

U.S. victims, Mr. Speaker, should be allowed to seek monetary compensation from the country the illegal came from. News sources report that a 2006 FBI report on undocumented illegals found that 95 percent of the murder warrants in Los Angeles are for illegals; 83 percent in Phoenix; 86 percent, in Albuquerque. Seventy-five percent of those on the most-wanted lists in L.A., Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegals.

A recent Department of Justice study concluded that criminal illegals, once arrested, are likely to be rearrested six more times for other crimes. They are preying on innocent victims in the United States, both citizens and legal immigrants. When they are caught, some of them even flee back to their country.

These countries should be held liable for the crimes that their citizens commit. A victim of crime by an illegal should be entitled to receive damages from the country which encourages illegal entry into the United States. Many countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, encourage their citizens to illegally enter the United States. Because of that, these nations should be held financially responsible for the crimes of their citizens. Victims should be allowed to have a cause of action in American Federal courts against these nations.

Now, we know many times that these nations probably will not pay for that compensation for whatever reason. They just do not pay. If that is the case, then the victims should be allowed to apply through the State Department Foreign Aid Fund that we give these nations, like Mexico, and then receive just compensation: the compensation that they were awarded in Federal court.

Victims should not have to continue to pay for the crimes of illegals. Their nations must pay. Illegals and their nations should be accountable and held accountable for coming into the United States illegally.

Americans seem to always pay for illegal entry; those days need to end, and this is one way where countries should pay for the crimes of their illegals by compensating American crime victims and citizens or people that are here legally from other nations.

Mr. Speaker, that's just the way it is.