Mr. Speaker, at the remarkable age of 98, Lieutenant Tom Morgan is retiring as the oldest active lawman in the State of Texas and probably the United States. Tom patrols the rivers, bayous, and lakes of Harris County, Texas for the Sheriff's Office.

Tom first volunteered to serve America in 1942 as a marine in World War II. He was in combat and landed on the brutal, bloody beaches of Guadalcanal, Okinawa, and Saipan in the South Pacific.

After getting malaria and after 4 years of war, Tom was reactivated for combat in the Korean war. After those wars, Tom became a pipeline engineer in Houston for 30 years.

Then, at the age of 72, he was hired by the sheriff's department and became the oldest cadet ever to graduate from the academy. For 26 years, he has put on the badge and the gun to protect and serve the people of Texas.

Houston salutes this marine, engineer, and 98-year-old lawman as a person who is a cut above the rest of us.

Happy trails, Lieutenant Tom Morgan.

And that is just the way it is.