Madam Speaker, they tell us that we are facing financial Armageddon. They tell us we must buy our way out of this. They tell us we must act now or the country will fall into the abyss. 

        The plan?  700 billion dollars will be given to the very people who are responsible for this mess: Wall Street money grabbers. And to top it off, the idea for this bailout is from the same financial schemers who themselves are responsible for this chaos.

         We, in Congress, have to resolve three issues. What is the problem? What caused the problem? And what is the solution?

        We are still debating what the problem is and what caused it. Until we figure that out, we should not come up with a shoot-from-the-hip, quick draw decision on what to do.  We have spent more time in congressional hearings on steroids in baseball than we have in discussing this $700 billion dollar rip off of the American people.

        Before we strong-arm the American citizens into paying for the sins of the New York City financial market, we need do more investigation.

        Then we can come up with the right thing to do, and make sound judgments sound judgments that the so-called experts from Wall Street dont make.

        And thats just the way it is.