Mr. Speaker, Joe Carcamo, an illegal El Salvadoran, had 17 driving violations when he drunkenly was drag racing down a Michigan street and hit two teenagers. He was driving 75 miles an hour. He cracked the skull of one of them and the other girl lost both her legs.

We could have stopped this reckless illegal after his first violation, which was breaking and entering into our country, but politics stops local law enforcement from making these arrests. Not so with Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County. He is using an Arizona law that locks up smugglers and their customers, too, for conspiring to break the law.

The Mexican Government wants to help illegals break out of his jail by suing Sheriff Joe for just enforcing American law. The word is out: Coyote smugglers avoid Maricopa County and the High Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Mr. Speaker, our sheriffs and Border Patrol do as good a job as we let them do, and our Nation must send out the word: Enter the House of America legally, or you will enter the jailhouse.

And that's just the way it is.