Madam Speaker, the State of Virginia has had it with illegals feeding off of their State and want them sent back to their homeland.

So, Virginia is asking the Federal Government for help. Seeking funds and training available for States under the 287(g) program. This Federal program trains local and State law enforcement in immigration laws. Virginia aims to train every staffer at jails across the State on how to check immigration statuses and deport illegals.

But when the State asked the Federal Government for help, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, said no. The reason: ICE says it lacks resources, including funding and personnel, to make that commitment to Virginia.

Currently, there are 22 State and local agencies that have entered into agreements with ICE to be trained on the 287(g) programs; 65 more are waiting for approval. But because the Federal Government is not providing ICE with the necessary funds, law enforcement won't get trained and illegals won't get deported.

Maybe some of the pork earmarks going to study the lifecycles of fish should be used in this immigration battle.

Madam Speaker, this is absurd. Once again, illegals are getting a free pass to the U.S. due to the ineptitude of the Federal Government and its inability to cooperate with local cities that want to help stem the flow of illegals into our homeland.

Madam Speaker, this ought not to be.

And that's just the way it is.