Madam Speaker, somewhere in the prohibited, cold corridors of the darkened back rooms of this castle, the Capitol, in places unknown, unseen, and unheard of by the public, the new Federal taxcrats are carefully crafting the energy punishment tax.

This $646 billion tax is aimed at punishing Americans and businesses for using any type of energy. The idea is we should not only feel guilty for using energy, we should pay for our energy sins by being taxed on consumption.

So the taxcrats are going to double the cost of natural gas and home heating oil by taxing the use of it. Use natural gas or home heating oil in your home to keep warm in the winter, you're going to be hit with the keeping warm tax.

Electricity costs are going to increase by 73 percent; so be careful about turning on the AC. It's going to cost you more with the keeping cool tax.

Taxes on gasoline will go up 50 percent. Don't drive your car unless you want to pay the new driving tax.

Americans are taxed enough already. The government should not tax us back to a Stone Age existence with the new absurd energy punishment tax.

And that's just the way it is.