Mr. Speaker, when born in the hot humid heat of a Texas August in 1976, she was called a bicentennial baby in honor of America's 200th birthday. She was the second of four children and grew up with that second child competitive determination.

She was strongly serious as she went to elementary school. While enjoying playing with her siblings, Kim, Kurt and Kellee Lyn, she also liked irritating the older next-door-neighbor boy.

While growing up, Kara learned and liked to plant vegetables and to take care of a large family garden. But upon entering elementary school, she spoke some words with difficulty, and her speech patterns were not really satisfactory. This began to affect her socially and really bruised her young self-image.

Her third grade teacher at the Oaks Elementary School in Humble, Texas, was determined to help this little girl and worked with her in pronouncing those English words correctly. This little girl, Kara, overcame this issue and speaks perfect English with an exceptional Texas accent, another of America's dedicated school teachers helping out one child at a time.

Anyway, Kara played on soccer teams and was on the swim team with her brother and sisters. They spent those long Saturdays competing at swim meets all over North Houston. Kara not only took to sports but academics in high school. She lettered 4 years in basketball, was the team captain, high scorer her senior year and played in the Texas State playoffs. Volleyball and cheerleading were also activities she enjoyed and participated in.

After doing some babysitting jobs at 15, Kara applied to work at a local Target store while in school. On her job application, she was asked about her job experiences and reason for leaving her previous job. So she put, quote, ``last job, baby sitting.'' Reason for leaving, quote, ``Kids were brats.'' Blunt truth got her the job.

She continued to tell it like it was, even to this day. At Target, Kara Poe learned how to deal with real people in the real world by working as a cashier. She doesn't like to admit it, but she even held the long-time record as the fastest scanner. She has continued her studies and studied endlessly. She played high school sports, and has continued to work and save as much money as she possibly can.

By the way, Mr. Speaker, Kara graduated valedictorian from her high school, Northland Christian High School in Houston, Texas. Kara, like all the Poe kids, went to Abilene Christian University, and she worked while in college and still was able to graduate with a grade point average of 3.88 with a B.S. in interdisciplinary studies, English and history.

Quite opinionated on all subjects, especially politics and sports, being an avid Astros fan, she loves the freedoms and loves this country.

She went on to get her Master's degree at Abilene Christian University in English, and her GPA was a perfect 4.0. She got married to a guy by the name of Shane Alexander; I was honored to perform that wedding. She has a 10-month-old daughter named Elizabeth.

Mr. Speaker, this Saturday that little girl who had trouble with speech in third grade will receive her doctoral degree from the University of Louisville in rhetoric and composition. She has a GPA of 3.92.

At 29, she obtained her doctoral degree in less than 4 years, a marvelous amount of time and a short time for obtaining a doctorate.

She already has a job at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and she will be teaching on the tenured track. She will be teaching English, Mr. Speaker, and she will be a teacher like her mother, both her grandmothers and her sister, Kim.

So, Kara, as your dad, I am proud of your determination, commitment and attitude. Congratulations to you for your success in the field and noble field of education and being a teacher. Congratulations to you for your success in life.

That's just the way it is.