Mr. Speaker, Rita was her name. She was mad and took it out on southeast Texas. Her winds blew, the water rose, the trees fell, and the homes collapsed. To the rescue was FEMA.

FEMA said, we have house trailers to help the homeless. Well, Mr. Speaker, it has been 6 months since Hurricane Rita hit, and we are still on the lookout for those house trailers. Has anybody seen them?

Yes, Mr. Speaker, they have been located. All 10,000 of them have been found in the remote hills of Arkansas. But why are they there? Because I have heard Federal bureaucrats have some comical regulation that states no trailers in flood-prone areas, like the hurricane gulf coast. So the taxpayers have bought themselves 10,000 trailers with millions of dollars of taxpayer money, and they are hidden in Arkansas, I guess for safekeeping.

Since Homeland Security's FEMA isn't using them, I suggest we take them down to the Texas-Mexico border, where there is not a whole lot of rain and we don't have enough detention facilities for illegals, so that when border agents capture illegals, they can house them there in these trailers until they are deported back to their homes.

We got illegals, FEMA's got trailers, let's match them up together.

That's just the way it is.