Mr. Speaker, the new reformed, revised, special edition version of the Senate health care bill written in the dark, secret caverns of the Capitol is a whopping 1,500 pages long. Americans for Tax Reform did a word search on the bill and they found some interesting words.

Right here on this chart, the word "tax" is used 124 times. You know, that is the government's favorite word. "Taxes," 16 times; "excise tax," 12 times; "taxpayers," 79 times. Here is a bad one, "taxable," 158 times. That is a whole lot of taxes in this bill.

Of course, the words "tax exempt" are found only 15 times in the bill. There are some more bad words like "penalty" and "require" and "must." And here is a bad one, "shall," 2,585 times in this tax bill--I mean health care bill.

Mr. Speaker, these are some bad words, totaling 3,196 words about taking money from the American taxpayer.

Sounds like somebody is getting a tax hike. No wonder the bill was written in the secret caverns out of public view in this Capitol.

And that's just the way it is.