Madam Speaker, the Drill Nothing Congress has let another week go into the history books, but no progress has been made on solving rising gasoline prices. Most Americans are for offshore drilling, but the don't-drill-in-America gang says no.

   Why does the anti-American drilling crowd think it is wrong for us to drill at home, but it is right for OPEC and the Saudis to drill and sell us crude that costs Americans $425 million a day?

   The Drill Nothing Congress says those American oil companies, which they seem to despise more than OPEC and dictator Chavez, have enough leases on Federal land. The problem with that lack of logic is there is no oil on those leases. The land is full of dry holes. It is like trying to lease Death Valley to the farmers to grow corn. It won't work.

   The don't-drill group thinks American oil companies make too much money. Little do they know oil companies are owned by millions of middle-class Americans who are called stockholders.

   Open up the Outer Continental Shelf. American oil companies will pay millions in lease revenues to taxpayers. Thousands of jobs will be created. America needs to take care of America. Drill offshore.

   And that's just the way it is.