Washington, Dec. 6 -


Mr. Speaker, freedom of choice is under attack by Washington. The government wants to control the light in homes and businesses throughout America. A new law bans the incandescent light bulb and will require Americans to buy new, special $3 government-approved light bulb. Soon it will be against the law to sell Thomas Edisonís incandescent light bulb ñ the symbol of American innovation.

This kind of government intrusion in our lives has left Americans in the dark about whatís next, and the government invasion into our lives is only increasing. Since the Federal Government has taken the power to choose away from Americans, people are flocking to their local Wal-Marts to hoard the last of the incandescent light bulbs.

Government controls so much our lives in the name that government is smarter than we are; but for now, its turn out the lights ñ the partyís over for Thomas Edisonís incandescent light bulb.

And thatís just the way it is.