Mr. Speaker, District Attorney Mike Nifong of North Carolina quickly prosecuted Duke University lacrosse players for an alleged sexual assault against a minority female. He sensationalized and fueled racial unrest, all to promote his reelection campaign. He made outlandish allegations, calling the players hooligans.

   Forget the presumption of innocence or due process. Forget the facts.

   Nifong is yet another example of a prosecutor gone wild, wild about publicity and win-at-all-costs mentality. Now the cases have been dismissed for lack of evidence.

   The damage is to the innocent players who cannot get their reputations back. The damage is to the bona fide sexual assault victims who may be reluctant to prosecute. The damage is to Duke University who acted too hastily by suspending the players due to media hysteria. The damage is to those who are actual victims of crime based on race.

   DAs who violate their oath to seek justice and then flaunt their power by relentlessly prosecuting people in spite of the facts, all to grab a headline, should be held personally liable in our courts and be accountable for their actions by removal from office and permanent suspension from the practice of law. There must be consequences for abuse of power.

   And that's just the way it is.