Mr. Speaker, news from the war in Iraq: The Iraq interim assessment report of progress states that sectarian murders in Baghdad are down from what they were in January. Many Iraqis are now coming forward with information to help root out terrorists from their hiding places.

   On the local level, citizens are forming neighborhood watch groups and young Iraqis are joining the army and the police forces. Measured progress continues in Iraq. The surge strategy has only recently been completely implemented, and it seems that we are seeing positive signs.

   A policy of surrender and failure in securing Iraq would hold catastrophic consequences for the United States and the Iraqi people. We should be focused on victory, not pandering to the ``peace at any price crowd.''

   Those who want retreat, defeat and withdrawal while in the midst of this battle for Iraq have yet to understand that there are consequences for appeasement, and they are bad for the United States and the Iraqi people. Retreat will not bring victory and it will never bring peace. 

   And that's just the way it is.