Mr. Speaker, I want to thank Ms. Ros-Lehtinen for yielding time.

   Sudan is responsible for the genocide in Darfur. ``Genocide'' is a fancy term, Mr. Speaker, that means organized murder by a government. The violence has displaced over 2 million people, and it has claimed at least 500,000 lives. President Bush has announced tougher sanctions on businesses and individuals dealing with the government of Sudan, but the perpetrators of evil are also propped up by China.

   Seventy percent of Sudan's oil goes to China, and loads of Chinese arms regularly find their way to these demons of the desert. No wonder China is road-blocking change in Sudan. It is all about money and who gets it.

   Though the Chinese have appointed envoys, they haven't done anything to pressure the Sudanese to stop murdering their own people. I think it is safe to say, Mr. Speaker, that as long as China continues to prop up the evil in Sudan, the Chinese government is complicit in this atrocity; and I don't think it is too much to ask Congress, in the name of basic human rights, to demand that China use its influence in Sudan to help stop the genocide. That is why I am proud to cosponsor this resolution offered by the gentlewoman from California (Ms. Lee).

   Mr. Speaker, the Chinese have an opportunity to show the world that they care about innocent people and take this blemish off of their historical record. It is in their best interest, not to mention the best interest of the victims of Darfur, that they pressure Sudan to stop the killing of their own people.