Mr. Speaker,

Sweet tea, BBQ, and football – these are just some of the things Texans love dearly. From high school football to college football, Texans will come out to every game no matter what the temperature and weather is. Our commitment to our football teams is so strong that preachers will find a way to mention the local team in their sermons and make sure you get home just in time to watch the game with friends and family.

Football is a very special part of the culture in Texas. From the stadiums to the food to the different student clubs that gather in the stadiums, football games unite Texans. The bands, the drill teams, the cheerleading teams, the students that form it all – they are an extraordinary group that make the culture and character of Texas so unique in the United States. More than just uniting families and friends, football allows our community to share in the joy of victory and the sadness of temporary defeat; it teaches our children to keep working hard for their goals both individually and with their teammates.

Although professional and college football receive the most national attention, high school football is just as important in Texas. I still remember going to my son’s football games, from his start at pee-wee leagues to his career playing for my alma mater, Abilene Christian University. Those memories make me even more proud to say that two high schools in my district have met their goals and broken records this season.

Atascocita High School is fighting for a chance to compete in the state championship. Last year they had a record-setting playoff run, reaching the Region II-6A Division I final. This year, they raised the bar even higher. With the outstanding sportsmanship of their players, the football team of Atascocita High School has exceeded expectations. I know how proud the players, their parents, and their school must be. Ranking at #18 in the state, the Eagles have some of the most promising players on their team.

Quarterback Daveon Boyd, now a senior, has received four awards throughout his high school football career. He has surpassed the national average in number of yards, yards per game, touchdown passes, completion percentage, attempts, and interceptions. This season alone, he’s had a 63 percent pass rate for 4,139 yards and 46 touchdowns. 

But Boyd is not the only outstanding player in Atascocita High School. Samuel Cosmi, the offensive tackle, is a University of Houston pledge. Defensive tackles De’Marius Brooks and Kendrix Burford, along with defensive backs Justin Campbell, Alerick Soularie, and Travian Blaylock give the Eagles an edge in size and speed.

Another high school in my district, Klein Collins, won its first regional semi-finals at Baylor’s McLane Stadium in the Division II Region II-6A playoffs. While all the players have done outstanding work, senior running back D’Anthony Doyle rushed 167 yards and got a couple of touchdowns, making him the hardest working player that game. His teammate, Josh Powell, also earned the team two more scores. At the end of the game, the team’s hard work left the team with a 54-16 victory over John Tyler. As a proud dad who beamed in the stands watching his son play, I know how thrilled their parents will be watching them play against Spring Westfield on December 2.

I am incredibly proud of the students of the Atascocita and Klein Collins High School football teams for their successes this season. It is great to see students in my district represent us so well with their hard work and talent. I look forward to their upcoming games and seeing them succeed and exceed expectations for years to come. Best of luck at State Semi Finals!

And that’s just the way it is.