Mr. Speaker, as the war wages on in the deserts of Iraq, there is talk of a new direction. There are only three options: one, retreat because the fight is a bit rough-going. Two, stalemate. A Vietnam-type politically correct draw. Three, victory.

Mr. Speaker, there is no substitute for victory. Let the generals finish the job, win and bring our troops home. Abandoning Iraq is not in the best interest of the United States. If we sneak out now, who is to say the Iranians and their rogue dictator will not come in and make Iraq a puppet nation of their radicalism.

Confront the armed militias who murder Iraqis in the name of religion, like al-Sa'dr's Mahdi army. The thugs who roam the streets are not engaged in civil war, but terror and anarchy and murder.

The question I was asked when I was in Iraq by Iraqi citizens was, is America going to leave like in 1991 before the war is won? While American politicians are debating that question, turn the U.S. military loose on the enemy and let our troops decide that question with total victory.

And that's just the way it is.