Mr. Speaker, about half the people caught crossing our borders illegally are from some other country than Mexico. They come from places like Colombia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Egypt, Poland, the Philippines, China, Syria, Russia and even France. But the detention facilities for these illegals are full. That means many, about half, are released on their own recognizance. That means on their word they promise to return for a deportation hearing. That means they are supposed to stay here, not leave. That further means 86 percent of those individuals never return for their hearing, according to USA Today.

Are we surprised? This catch-and-release policy defies common sense. It wastes the efforts of our border agents. It does not provide consequences for illegally coming to the United States. Giving illegals a get-out-of-jail-free card is further evidence the United States must have an immigration plan that works.

Everybody wants to live in the United States but everybody cannot live in the United States. We must have a policy that promotes legal immigration and prevents illegal immigration. This catch-and-release policy must cease.