Mr. POE of Texas. Mr. Speaker, this time next month will be the first game of the season for the ‘‘Life Changers Foundation’’ (LCF) Oilers of the North Harris County, Texas Pee Wee Football League. The LCF Oilers’ head coach, Darrell Eldridge promotes discipline and commitment from his team.

He continually works with his team to encourage good sportsmanship and fair play, instilling in these young boys and girls the value of athletics and achievement. The LCF Oilers dedication to advocating for individual excellence in sports, fine arts and other community-initiated programs helps challenge the community’s future generations to learn the value of productivity and teamwork.

A mother of a pee wee Oiler from my district in Texas wrote to me and said, ‘‘it seems our children aren’t a priority until they are a problem.’’. I strongly support community involvement in positive youth programs like the LCF.

Oilers contribute to these kids’ lives more than a few trophies. The goal of the LCF Oilers is to physically and mentally promote the betterment of these kids through physical competition—and it does exactly that. The coaches, referees, and parents who offer these pee wee Oilers such an excellent opportunity in their young lives are to be commended for their dedication and support of the youth of our community.