Madam Speaker, Tibet is being denied the basic human rights of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the freedom to seek grievances against its own government.

China, the bully of Asia, literally is beating up on the small religious Tibetan community. China puts down dissent by the use of the bloody club and the firearm. And China suppresses the world press that tries to report on what they are doing by issuing scripted propaganda papers about these peaceful Tibetan people, propaganda that we have not seen since Hitler's Nazi Germany.

China's ugly personality of brutality and oppression is now being seen by all of the world. And as China tries to carry the Olympic torch throughout the world, the flame of the torch is setting peoples in this world on fire in support of the people of Tibet.

So China must cease its oppression of its own people or face international rebuke and international condemnation, including condemnation by this body.

I support the people of Tibet, and I urge passage of this resolution. And I want to thank the chairman for bringing this resolution so quickly to the House floor.