Mr. Speaker, the United States tracks cattle from where they are born as calves on ranches in Wyoming, Montana, and Texas to the slaughterhouses of the Midwest, to the butcher shops of the Northeast, to our supper tables where they end up as steaks. We have even tracked a mad cow born in Canada 3 years ago to some remote barn in Washington. We have not only tracked this mad cow, but all her calves in their different locations in the United States.

Mr. Speaker, we know where the cattle are, but why is it that we can track one mad cow but the Federal Government cannot seem to locate 10 to 14 million illegal people living in the United States, people who have invaded our land and disrespected our rule of law. Someone has suggested that we give all people illegally coming across our borders a cow, and then let the Agricultural Department keep up with them and do the job the immigration people refuse to do.

Our Federal Government needs to be just as concerned about the illegal people coming into the United States as we are about some sick cow coming from Canada.

Mr. Speaker, this ought not to be.