Madam Speaker, we have 45 czars in America, and the dance card keeps growing. The President has the right to get advice from as many people as he wants to. And that's not new with our Presidents, and that is not a problem. Advisers are one thing, but policymakers are another thing altogether.

If someone is putting a policy in place, if someone is to govern and rule over the rest of us, they must be confirmed by the United States Senate. That's what the Constitution says and demands. After all, article II, section 2 states in part that the President may appoint ambassadors and other public ministers with the advice and consent of the Senate.

The American people have been asking a lot of questions about these czars. Who are these czars? What do they do? Is this a shadow government? What are the Cabinet secretaries doing? Why aren't they in charge of implementing policy instead of these czars? Do Cabinet secretaries report to our shadow government czars? Is that what happens? And why haven't we had transparency or confirmation hearings on these czars?

Now, Madam Speaker, here are some of the czars that we have. It's not all 45, but it's some of them. And let me list some of them for you. We have the Afghan-Pakistan czar. We have the AIDS czar and the auto recovery czar. We are getting a behavioral science czar. Now, what's that about, spanking of kids? No. It is actually about the study of human behavior and how the government can influence human conduct. Sounds a bit like the book ``1984'' to me.

We have a bailout czar. We have a border czar. Is the border czar supposed to secure the border or open up the border? Who knows? Nobody is telling us.

We have a climate change czar, a copyright czar, a counterterrorism czar. We have a cyber security czar and a communications diversity czar. Let me repeat that one. A communications diversity czar. Ironically, this communications diversity czar is now barred from talking or communicating with the media. Now isn't that lovely? That's kind of odd in my opinion.

We have the disinformation czar. Now what does that person do? It sounds like he should be called the government propaganda czar to me.

We have two economic czars. We probably could use a few more of those. We have an education czar. We have an energy CIA. There's a food czar, the government performance czar, the Great Lakes czar, the Gitmo closure czar and the health care czar.

We have an info tech czar--well, we had an info tech czar, Madam Speaker. His last day in D.C. Government was March 4, but on March 12 the FBI raided his office and arrested two staffers. That position is still open for people who want to apply.

We have an intelligence czar. We have a Latin American czar, a Mideast peace czar and a Mideast policy czar. We have a pay czar and a regulatory czar. We have a religion, or God, czar; a safe school czar and a science czar. Now there's a beaut. Our science czar wrote a controversial book promoting population control.

We have a stimulus czar. And then, of course, there's the TARP czar, the technology czar, the trade czar and the urban affairs czar. We have the war czar, the water czar and, of course, there is a weapons czar.

Now, Madam Speaker, we know very little about those czars or what they do. We don't know who pays them or whether they paid their income tax. So Congress should defund these czars and no taxpayer money should go to pay for them or their salaries or their staffs.

After all, Madam Speaker, since we continue to dance with the czars, it would be nice to know who brought us to the dance.

And that's just the way it is.