Mr. Speaker, "can you hear me now?"

That phrase repeated by cell phone users across the vast prairies and wide-open spaces of America soon may be taxed by the Feds.

That's right. The taxacrats want to tax citizens for their private cell phone use and for the use of mobile phones at work. It's a benefit, the taxacrats saith. So they want to tax it.

Don't think this new "talking on the phone tax" will ever leave. In 1898, Congress passed temporary phone taxes to fund the Spanish-American War, but Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders had the 4-month war won even before the tax took effect. Guess what? Americans are still paying that temporary phone tax for that war 111 years ago.

Phone taxes never die. They don't even fade away. Americans are taxed enough already. Government addiction to spending should be cured cold turkey style. Citizens don't need more silly taxes to fund pet projects. Mr. Speaker, the people are weary of taxes.

Can you hear them now? No more taxes. No talking on the phone tax.