Madam Speaker, in recognition of this Mothers Day I rise to honor a special mother and grandmother, Sandra L. Harris or Momma Harris as she is more affectionately known.

Sandra grew up in Cartersville, Georgia where she spent a good bit of time up on Red Top Mountain State Park. From a young age Sandra knew the value of a days pay as she worked in the concession stand and as a lifeguard at the park.

Sandra would later meet Charles Harris from Cassville, Georgia and the two would become married Sandra relocated with him to San Antonio and Wichita Falls, Texas while he served in the military. In her personal career Sandra has worked in various occupations through the years including a bank teller and salesperson, but her passion lies in the real estate business where she has been quite successful.

After leaving Texas and moving back to Georgia Sandra had two sons, Chuck and James Harris. Momma Harris has taught into her two boys work ethic, faith, and the strength and character only a southern woman can instill into her sons. In addition to her two sons Sandra has a vibrant grandson who she loves deeply, Wyatt Harris. He loving refers to her as Granny Harris.

Momma Harris is a woman of deep love, faith and generosity. She is the type of person that anyone could hope to have for a mother. You can just ask anyone in Cartersville, Georgia and they will tell you that Sandra Harris will leave a lasting impression on anyone that spends a few minutes around her.

Madame Speaker, I would like to wish the best to Sandra Harris, and thank her for representing the ideals of a loving and supporting mother on this Mothers Day. Let her commitment to her family serve as an example to us all. Sandra is a great American and I wish her a very happy Mothers Day with many more to come.

And thats just the way it is.