Mr. Speaker, the Supreme Court has opened the gate of chaos by allowing local governments to forcibly seize private homes so they can sell to private developers for the greater tax revenues. The result of this land-grabbing decision, in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, the protection of private property, is occurring now even in the remote New England town of Weare, New Hampshire.

A developer has filed necessary papers with the city to condemn a local home, have it seized and destroyed so he can build a brand new hotel and museum. That will give the city greater tax revenue.

The Supreme Court should realize there are consequences for decisions that they make. They affect all Americans. The homeowner has no recourse, no place to turn.

So I say, to the homeowner, Supreme Court Justice David Souter who voted for the land-grabbing decision, your decision shows the Supreme Court has lost its way, and you may lose your home.