Mr. Speaker, Memorial Day is the day we remember Americans that servedand did not return. Their blood has stained and sanctified the soil of every continent on Earth. They are buried in unmarked graves in far-off fields, mountains, deserts, and oceans. They brought freedom to peoples they did not know in lands they had never seen.

The warrior, not the preacher, has given us freedom of religion.

The warrior, not the reporter, has given us freedom of press.

The warrior, not the lawyer, has given us the right to fair trial.

The warrior, not the politician, has given us the right to vote.

The warrior, not the critic, has given us freedom of speech.

The warrior, not the movie personality, has given us freedom to assemble.

And the warrior, not the college professor, has given us liberty.

It is the warrior that gave his youth so we could have a future. It is the warrior who salutes the flag and serves the flag. And it's the warrior that is buried under the flag that we honor this Memorial Day, 2010.

And that's just the way it is.