Mr. Speaker, we are discussing the proposed budget. And disregard whether it has some good projects in it or not. It breaks the back of the American citizen. And we hear a lot of numbers about how much it is costing and, of course, it does cost too much. But I will try to put it in perspective.

I have four kids, 7 1/2 grandkids. Mr. Tiberi just had triplets. Mrs. Bachmann's got a handful of kids. And when kids are born, every parent remembers that they are given an arm band, and the arm band usually says who that child is. My kids all had an arm band that said''Poe kid.'' They're going to have to change arm bands on my grandkids from Poe kids to just poor kid because every child born after this budget passes will have to pay off the debt to the tune of $70,000 a piece. So when kids are born in America, if this budget passed, give them an arm band that says, you owe Uncle Sam $70,000.

Mr. Speaker, that is disgraceful that we are saddling debt on kids yet to be born in this country. So much for freedom. They are going to be enslaved to the Federal Government to the tune of at least $70,000 a piece. And that doesn't count all these other spending programs that we are seeing going to come down the pike later this year.

Maybe we should remember some of the things that Thomas Jefferson said. Of course he helped write, or he did write the Declaration of Independence. He wrote a lot while he was President. Here's a quote from Thomas Jefferson, Mr. Speaker. He said it in 1821, shortly before he died. He said, "There does not exist an engine so corruptive of the government and so demoralizing of the Nation as a public debt. It will bring on us more ruin at home than all the enemies from abroad." Wise Thomas Jefferson. Maybe we would do well to read some of the things that Thomas Jefferson wrote about saddling American taxpayers with public debt. It is worse than our foreign enemies we have got all over the world.

We cannot afford to pay for this budget because we don't have any money. We have spent it all. We have given it to, you know, these banks that can't fail, and all these other special interest groups. So we are broke. So we are going to have to borrow the money. And we are going to have to borrow the money from foreign countries. Number 1 on the list, the Chinese. You know, our good friends, the Chinese. We are going to borrow their money.

It was embarrassing to me, as a citizen, to see our Secretary of State go to China and beg to allow us to borrow money from them in the future. Even they are a little worried about whether we can pay off this great debt that we are incurring and putting on kids yet to be born. It is disgraceful, Mr. Speaker.

And the second thing is, if we can't borrow enough money, the government's answer is, we will just tax them. Tax them to death. You know, the old statement goes, if something moves, regulate it. If it keeps moving, tax it. And if it stops moving, then subsidize it. We are doing all of the above right now. Things that aren't doing any good for the economy, oh, we are subsidizing those. But we are taxing the American taxpayer to death, those that work for a living. And we are also taxing those small businesses.

I want to make one thing clear about jobs. We hear so much about the budget is going to create jobs. Jobs, jobs. Well, we have to define what a job is. There are government programs, and those are not jobs. A government program takes taxpayer money and gives it to different projects to build something. Now, that is not a job because that is subsidy by the American taxpayer to this entity.

Jobs are not created by government. Jobs are not created by government. Small businesses create most of the jobs in this country because, you see, when small business has money, we call that capital, thus the term capitalism. When they have money they hire people. The taxpayers don't have to subsidize that worker, whereas the taxpayers have to subsidize the government program worker.

So let's be clear about that. There are jobs, and then are real jobs. And so we should do everything in our power to help small businesses, because they create 70 percent of the jobs in this country.

But this new budget, loaded down with borrowing, is also loaded down with taxes. And it taxes the producers of this country. Like I said, if something keeps moving we just tax it. And that is the plan.

And it seems to me, this is just my opinion, this whole philosophy that we are moving to in this country is a government-controlled culture, government-controlled society; kind of makes us look like the French socialist society, in my opinion. And I don't think that is what liberty is all about. So maybe we should go back to some basics.

Like most American taxpayers, they don't spend money they don't have. Maybe the government shouldn't spend money it doesn't have. Maybe we shouldn't be borrowing money because we have to pay the debt on it. And we are not going to live to see it, so we are passing that debt on to our kids yet to be born, to the tune of $70,000 a piece. And that ought not to be.

But that's just the way it is.