Madam Speaker, the United States Government wants to dictate where the people of the sovereign State of Israel are allowed to live. Now who do we think we are? Israel is our ally, not our subject. What if Prime Minister Netanyahu said that our people weren't allowed to live in certain parts of D.C.? That makes about as much sense.

The American people support Israel and the U.S. Government better get onboard. The people I represent are not "embarrassed" or "humiliated" by the actions of Israel.

Israel has the right to determine where their people live, including in Jerusalem. Also under international law, Israel is not obligated to give back land won in a defensive war. But they tried anyway. When Israel gave back land for peace, it didn't work. They still don't have peace.

There will be no peace until the terrorists come to the peace table because the terrorists don't want peace. They want to drive Israel into the sea. Peace will come in the Middle East when the terrorists are defeated.

And that's just the way it is.