Mr. Speaker, Tynesha Stewart, a 19-year-old freshman at Texas A&M, was looking forward to spring break and coming home to Houston to visit with her mother.

There was one problem with coming home, however. Her possessive ex-boyfriend Timothy Shepherd would not leave her alone. Tynesha knew that he would contact her, even though she had repeatedly told him she wanted to move on. He and his male ego refused to accept this.

On March 15, Tynesha made one final attempt to cut the ties with this harasser. She told him that she was seeing someone else and that it was over. Shepherd decided if he could not have her, no one would, and he strangled this young college student.

This was not the end of his barbaric acts. He needed to get rid of her body, so he dismembered Tynesha and then he barbecued her on his apartment patio grill. The burning of her body took 2 full days. Shepherd did all this to the person he claimed he loved.

Timothy Shepherd has been charged with murder for his grisly crimes. The people of Texas will properly decide what to do with this barbaric killer.

Love is not harassment, control, or abuse. You never hurt someone you claim you love. And if you do, woe to you, because justice will rule the day.

And that's just the way it is.