Mr. Speaker, Mexican bandits have killed yet another American. The reason: His family couldn't come up with the $10,000 ransom.

Jorge Dieppa was a court translator for the Federal court in El Paso, Texas. He also was a lecturer at UTEP. Dieppa had gone to Juarez to get his car fixed, but he was kidnapped on July 6. When his relatives didn't pay the ransom, he was murdered. He was found bound with duct tape after being stabbed repeatedly.

Juarez is the border city of death. Thousands of Mexicans have been murdered there as well as several Americans. Rogue bandits and drug cartels rule the city. They rein terror on people through violence, racketeering, extortion, robbery, kidnapping, and drug deals.

The violence in "death city" is not the only border town with an atmosphere of outlawry. Other border towns such as Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros are dangerous for honest persons. Violence in Mexico affects the U.S. border towns with the cross-border crime, including reports of Americans with Spanish surnames being kidnapped and held for ransom. 

Failure to realize that crime in "death city" and other Mexican border towns is real and expanding is to live like Alice in Wonderland.

And that's just the way it is.