Mr. Speaker,

The Russian bear has roared and the bully Putin has gobbled up the strategic Crimea.The world did little except protest, so the bear eyes more sovereign land as prey.

We should not forget that while the West watched the KGB Col. Putin invaded Georgia and stole 1/3 of its nation. The Russians never left. Now, the persistent, pesky Putin is still hungry and wants more.

Will it be the Ukraine? Moldova? Belarus? Or NATO ally Estonia? This is Cold War II and it has begun!

Villain Vladimir holds former Soviet Republics hostage because the "Ruskies" control their energy. Let us loosen the noose around the neck of the Ukraine. Sell them our oversupply of natural gas. Expedite the permits, development and delivery of U.S. natural gas.

Send the word over there that the gas is coming. The gas is coming. Let the Napoleon of Siberia know he has bitten off more than he can chew by starting COLD WAR II.

And that’s just the way it is.