WASHINGTON, February 26 -


The sequester was a bad idea.

I voted NO.

The ideas for the sequester came from the White House advisors.

The President quickly signed the sequester and made it the law of the land.

Now he has buyerís remorse.

The Presidentís siesta Senate ignored the House legislation and went missing in action.

However, rather than administer with a smidge less taxpayer money, the President blames others for HIS fate.

This is in spite of his power to determine priorities in spending.

So he says the sky is falling because his government cannot live without more money.

He does not have the ability to produce a balanced budget or cut back: waste, duplication, inefficiency, and fluff.

As the sequester is upon us, it is time for the President to lead America and govern with less money.

But the President only knows one way to rule: tax more, spend more, and scare the people more.

This is the inability to govern.

And thatís just the way it is.