Mr. Speaker, last Monday, 38-year old Deputy Constable Jason Norling was killed while writing a traffic ticket in Houston, Texas. Norling, a motorcycle officer, was ticketing a speeder when another vehicle swerved off the shoulder and hit Norling, killing him.

Norling was a former chef and artist and previously worked for the Hempstead, Texas Police Department before becoming a member of the Precinct 5 Constables Unit. Norling's mother said, "God's purpose for Jason was to be in law enforcement."

Norling was married, andwas hit by a driver who, ironically, had just been involved in another accident where his vehicle was rear-ended.

And so as the bagpipes played Amazing Grace at the Spring Baptist Church last week, they mourned the loss of another peace officer who wore the badge to protect and serve.

And by the way, Mr. Speaker, the driver who swerved and hit Officer Norling was apparently distracted because he was talking on his cell phone.

Our prayers are with the Norling family and his fellow Texas lawmen.

And that's just the way it is.