WASHINGTON, November 15 -


Mr. Speaker,

As waves crashed the East Coast a few weeks ago, taxpayer dollars were still being funneled as foreign aid across the globe. And while families watched as Superstorm Sandy washed away their home and the livelihoods they built over years, 158 countries were busy cashing our checks.

Mr. Speaker, out of all the countries we give aid to, I understand Israel was the only light at the end of the dark tunnel. Israel took initiative and helped the victims during our natural disaster. The Israel Flying Aid organization has been giving gas to hospitals, batteries, food, and generators to Superstorm Sandy victims.

Weíve been there for many of these countries. We send them our money but itís no secret that many of them hate us. They betray us and yet we are still writing them American checks.

While the United States needs to re-evaluate giving foreign aid to nations that hate us, thanks should be given to our faithful ally Israel.

And thatís just the way it is.