Mr. Speaker, tonight there is one less brutal murderer in Texas. Angel Maturino Resendiz is gone. He has been executed, ending one of the most brutal reigns of terror a serial killer has ever known.

Some called him the face of death. He rode the rails from Mexico to the heartland of America, leaving a wake of bloodied and mutilated bodies behind him, quickly earning the top ranking of the FBI's most wanted list.

Thanks to the tenacity of Texas Ranger Drew Carter, who captured Resendiz, and the work of the FBI and numerous local law enforcement agencies, justice has occurred. The wanted posters have come down.

Resendiz raped, brutalized, tortured, maimed, and he took the lives of at least nine people, all who live within yards of railroad tracks throughout America. But he stole. He stole the security of citizens everywhere he went. Small town shops sold out of pistols. People who never locked their doors even sealed their windows because of the fear of Resendiz. Resendiz never knew where he was going, never brought anything with him but always knew what he would leave behind, a trail of terror and the darkness of death.

Tonight, much to the dismay of his victims' families, he met a far more peaceful fate than the one he inflicted on a 73-year-old woman. Her last view of Earth was his wicked face and a pickax coming right at her that was lodged in her head and embedded between her eyes. Tonight, Angel Resendiz is gone.

Americans are rid of the beast that pulverized a church secretary's face with a sledgehammer. Then he sexually assaulted her. His death sentence was for only one single slaying, the rape, stabbing and beating of a Houston doctor whose husband watched the execution tonight, saying people have to understand what evil really is.

Resendiz' sentence was objected to by the Mexican government, who tried to intervene today in U.S. Federal courts to prevent this justice from occurring. The Mexican government instead should pay reparations to the nine families he murdered, since Mexico encourages illegals like him to enter the United States.

Resendiz is accused and suspected of many, many more killings throughout the United States, all tied together with the winding railroad tracks that carried this monster to his chosen chore, committing unspeakable random acts of butchery.

Tonight, Texas and the rest of the country, they are safer. The man who considered himself half man and half angel was neither. He was not half angel. He was totally a demon. Tonight, he has met his judgment day.

And that's just the way it is.