Madam Speaker, in the desert sand dunes near the western town of Yuma, Arizona, Mexican border raiders have struck again. These outlaws snuck into America driving high dollar SUVs. They were smuggling dope into America. But American lawmen were waiting for these bandits. Upon seeing the good guys, however, the drug dealers sped back toward the safe haven of complacent Mexico.

Border Agent Louis Aguilar of El Paso, Texas, cut them off and threw tire spikes into their path. But the illegal driving a fancy Humvee at a speed of 55 miles an hour ran over and killed Agent Aguilar. One witness said "the driver swerved and hit the agent on purpose." The Humvee, bandits and drugs disappeared in the dust across the border to a protected hideout in the badlands of Mexico.

Aguilar was 32, married and had two little kids. The Mexican government said it will find the killers. Yeah, right.

There is a border war going on, Madam Speaker. Agents should have the authority to prevent the infiltration of criminal bandits into our homeland by any legal means necessary. Otherwise, our Nation will continue to be at risk by these invaders.

And that's just the way it is.