Madam Speaker, judges have the public duty to protect children from sexual deviants, including those from Vermont.

Mark Hulett molested a 6-year-old girl for 4 years. Reports indicate he even had a history of abusing women. But when he went to court for the child molesting charge, Judge Edward ``Cushy'' Cashman of Vermont put the molester in jail for only 60 days and ordered some ``Kum-Ba-Yah'' type of treatment.

The crime against this little girl is a human rights violation. The judge condoned the violation by not punishing the criminal. Has the judge made Vermont a safe sanctuary State for child molesters?

Almost everyone in America knows, except Judge Cushy, that you cannot cure child rapists. You keep them away from kids. You lock them up in jail. Why do you think we build those prisons? Judge Cushy should be held accountable and removed from the bench, then given sensitivity training on the effects of being raped as a child.

Justice will only be served when judges are as concerned about the molested as they are about the molesters, but for now the Judges Hall of Shame has a brand new member.

And that's just the way it is.