Mr. Speaker, half of the primary care physicians say they would like to leave the practice of medicine in 3 years. There is just too much cost and time involved from red tape by insurance companies and the government agencies. And that's before government bureaucrats nationalize the whole system. Also, their costs for malpractice insurance has skyrocketed.

The American Medical Association said more doctors are leaving the profession than being replaced by new doctors. Doctors are just hanging up their stethoscopes and choosing a different line of work. It's just not worth it.

It costs about $200,000 to get through medical school. The government keeps bailing out its special interest buddies, but not one cent goes to help pay off these college loans. And the administration wants doctors to shoulder even more of the costs of practicing medicine. It's no wonder they're choosing other professions and moving off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

To make matters worse, many doctors are no longer accepting Medicare or Medicaid patients because government reimbursement doesn't even cover the cost of the treatment. Now, isn't that lovely? No doctors and more patients.

Mr. Speaker, when we run out of doctors, what will we do? Turn our health care system over to government snake oil salesmen?

And that's just the way it is.