Madam Speaker, the border crisis continues with the influx of migrants, mostly Honduran teenagers. Rather than quickly reuniting recent migrants with their homeland, the President is considering giving them refugee status.

The amnesty President again is going to go his own way. Obviously, he doesn’t understand the consequences of his newly proposed Executive mandate made from behind the White House fences.

The migrants are coming to the United States illegally because the President as set the word out far and wide that he will not enforce the border security laws.

The President of Honduras, whom I met with in January, said as much yesterday. He said the minors are coming because the drug cartels, who smuggle the minors for a hefty fee, tell them that this President will let them stay in the United States.

So now Americans who are struggling to take care of their own families will be expected to permanently pay for the housing, education, and health care of these individuals.

The rule of law seems to be a mere suggestion to the amnesty President. This crisis—that is the President’s doing—will just continue.

And that’s just the way it is.