Mr. Speaker,

Its the shooter.

Not the gun

Not the bullets

Not rejection by the Army

Not the internet

Not radio talk shows

Not the political climate

Not people assembling to protest

Not the press

And . not bold speech

That is to blame for the crimes by the Terror from Tucson.

Hold the assassin accountable. He and he alone should be judged.

In this frenzy furor to make excuses and to find other causes for this crime, Congress itself would do well not to do violence against the Constitution.

Those elites, even those in Congress, that think they and they alone are now authorized to regulate speech, press, assembly and right to bear arms, should understand they cannot use this assault and murder as an excuse to subversively steal away rights of citizens-all under the false illusion of making us safe from killers.

The constitution should not be imprisoned

For it is the Terror of Tucson that should be locked in chains.

And thats just the way it is.