Madam Speaker, it seems that some in Congress are trying to call back the speech police and reinstate the Fairness Doctrine again. Although the Fairness Doctrine was abolished over 20 years ago, some of our colleagues just can't let it go.

This time they want to police and control the radio airwaves. I'm not talking about the former Soviet Union that controlled what Russians listened to on the radio, I'm talking about the American speech police.

The so-called ``Broadcast Fairness Doctrine'' is an attempt by the Feds to force private radio stations to be fair and balanced by forcing broadcasters to air opposing views of public importance. Sounds good, but who's going to determine what fair is, the Federal fair police?

Are we going to let a bunch of Potomac River bureaucrats determine if a radio station in Tomball, Texas is being fair when it discusses politics? Sounds like government control of speech to me.

It is actually totalitarian state control of speech. And what does ``fair'' mean? Fair means different things to different folks. In some places in the country like Texas, fair is where you take your chickens to. That's why the word ``fair'' is not in the Constitution. The Constitution protects free speech, not fair speech. It says ``Congress (that's us, folks) shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.'' And the Constitution applies to the thieves of free speech and the government's speech police whether they like it or not.

And that's just the way it is.