Mr. Speaker, the terrorists we face today are the same enemies that bombed our Marines in Beirut, Lebanon, bombed the World Trade Centers in 1993, attacked Khobar Towers in 1996, bombed our embassy in Africa in 1997. This enemy values death over life and seeks not to negotiate but to war against us.

   These fanatics, in the name of religion, with a doctrine of hate, preach death to the United States.

   On September 11, the terrorists brought the fight to us. Now Iraq is the centerpiece of the war on terror, and so is Afghanistan. We cannot give ground to this homicidal enemy because this will only encourage more attacks. The resulting consequences are disaster, destruction and defeat.

   Today we find ourselves in a global struggle. We have been attacked over and over again by these radicals.

   War, no one wants war. But war will not end just because we quit, nor because we are weary of war, nor because we desire peace. The enemy will continue this war against us, whether we are in the fight or not. They do not want peace. There can be no peace until we stop them.

   And that's just the way it is.