Madam Speaker, the drug smugglers have gotten smarter. They now disguise vehicles they are using to smuggle drugs into America to look exactly like Texas State transportation trucks. They mask them with official decals and even license plates; thus, making it easier to bring drugs into the United States.

   Even though this criminal activity is highly organized, at least 11 drug dealers have been captured bringing thousands of dollars worth of drugs into our country using these fake State vehicles.

   But when the U.S. Attorney prosecuted these criminals, they received relatively light sentences. Some people received only fines. One received 24 months in prison, far less than the 11 and 12-year sentences that Border Agents Ramos and Compean received when they were prosecuted by the same U.S. Attorney for wounding a drug smuggler on the border.

   The U.S. Attorney's weak prosecution of drug smugglers is disturbing. The U.S. Attorney's Office seems to be more interested in prosecuting border agents than it is in prosecuting the real criminals that bring drugs into our country. The overwhelming message here is that a measly fine is just a cost of doing business: the drug smuggling business in America.

   And that's just the way it is.