Mr. Speaker, tonight I rise to speak about international villains, international outlaws. We need to know who they are and who they are not because these terrorists are not ministers of good, but they are ministers of evil.

The terrorists are not freedom fighters as some say, for they oppose all freedoms. Terrorists are not moral because they preach, praise, and practice immoral acts. Terrorists are not for children because they murder children. They murder their neighbor's children, and they murder their own. Terrorists are not for any peace, but are for any chaos. Terrorists are not for democracies, but proclaim the value of totalitarian dictatorships.

Terrorists are not for justice so we must bring them to justice. As related in Proverbs, when justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous and it brings terror to the evil doers. So I say let us bring terror to these evil doers.

I have dealt with local terrorists, street terrorists, all my life, first as a prosecutor and a judge in a criminal court in Texas for 22 years. These people are mean, they are violent, and you can deal with them one way. You do not ask them to try to do better. You do not blame their culture or their lack of culture for their conduct. You do not reason with them. You do not negotiate. You hold them accountable for their choices.

They live for crimes of violence, so you punish them. You make the price high, too high for them to pay so they stop it, so they leave us alone, for it is a right of all of us to be left alone. If they choose not to leave us alone, they must face quick, sudden, and decisive action.

We must continue to deal with international terrorists the same way we deal with local street terrorists. We seek them out and we hold them accountable for their choices. It is not rational to stop once we have them on the run.

In Iraq, for example, we must finish the job. The phrase ``cut and run'' may be in the vocabulary of the French Government, but it is not in our vocabulary.

I have been to Iraq. I was there on election day January 30; and the people I talked to, those Iraqis were afraid that we would leave before the job was done. The terrorists want to wait us out because of the comments that they hear on this very House floor, that we should leave the job before it is through. Well, they will not wait us out because we will finish the job. So we will stay the course. We will finish the job before us. For it is far better to fight terrorists on their soil than on American soil, and we will know of no retreat or defeat.

We must train the Iraqi security forces so that they can protect their own borders against the insurgents. We must continue to seek out the terrorists in Afghanistan as well, but we must also deal with the cocaine and heroin traffic that is there because it funds those terrorists.

We must also allow our local law enforcement to fight that same secondary terror, that is, the terror of drugs, that is here in the United States that affects many American families, because those drugs that the terrorist cartels market in our land, they fund their evil ways. We must protect our homeland and support our first responders. For as our troops in lands across the seas battle these evil villains, our first responders are the ones who battle them here on the homeland, and they are always counted faithful.

On September 11, we all remember what we were doing. I was driving my Jeep to the courthouse, and I heard on the radio about the first plane that hit the World Trade Center; second plane, World Trade Center; third plane, crashes in Pennsylvania because of some heroes; fourth plane, hits the Pentagon.

Later that day, as many Americans like myself were watching television, I noticed the phenomena. I noticed thousands and thousands of Americans in New York City when those terrorists hit those buildings. They were running as hard as they could to get away from that terror. But there was another group of people, not very many, but they were there. When that terror hit the World Trade Center, they were running as hard as they could to get to that terror. Who were they? They were emergency medical technicians, they were firefighters, and they were cops. Because these people responded, and these are the people who we count on first, the people responsible for the deaths of the 3,000 on that day will be held accountable.

So we will not waiver in our battle against these international villains. There is no substitute for victory. For we are a people committed to remaining and continuing for centuries to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.