Mr. Speaker, this House last night, about 11:30 p.m., authorized money for some absurd projects, including the study of bison hunting on the prehistoric Great Plains and, get this, the study of the sex lives of the Phayre's Leaf monkeys.

   Meanwhile, our troops in Iraq are running out of money to fight the bad guys. Why? Because some Members of Congress think they know more about conducting the war in Iraq than the Generals do. So this congressional surrender group refuses to send more money without also demanding the day the United States will retreat and quit the fight.

   This Nation is at war with the people of hate. Those ill-informed people who are determined that we lose this conflict by keeping a tight fist on the war money have their priorities wrong.

   Money for the study of monkey business, but no money for the troops is a mockery. Money for our troops is more important than investigating the sex lives of the Leaf monkeys and the study of prehistoric bison anyplace in the world.

   Mr. Speaker, we need to work as late tonight to provide money for our U.S. warriors as we did last night to send money to the monkeys.

   And that's just the way it is.